“How Do You Get Total Nonbelievers
to Your Bible Study?”

I have heard this question many times from my Christian friends.
In the training Bridges to People I show you practical steps
how you can start such a Bible reading with your own non-Christian friends.

This is a simplified version of the Czech web Mosty k lidem.cz.

In each lesson there is the full text of what I say in the video,
and an option to download it as a pdf.

List of the Online Lessons

By clicking on the title of a section you can open a full list of lessons with short annotations.

Section A. Discovery Bible Study with Non-believers
Section B. Contact with the Friends
Section C. Good News and So on
Section D. Jesus Is Greater
Section E. A New Disciple!
Section F. God’s Heart and Four Fields
Section G. Movement and Church
Section H. Movement and Leadership


Practical Training in the Czech Language

Besides these five-minute lessons, we also organize live training in the Czech language.

List of the Online Lessons:    A     B     C     D     E     F     G     H